Welcome to Tip Tuesdays

As a mom I know that advice and tips aren't always what we want to hear. From the minute we get that positive pregnancy test it's like everyone feels this crazy need to barge into our life and tell us how to run it. Then when the baby is born it's just constant.

Here in Israel people are unaware of personal boundaries and privacy, and people I don't even know would tell me what I'm doing is wrong or not ok etc... 

This one time I was shopping with my sister when Emma was 3 months old. It was the month of May and HOT. We walked into the pharmacy in the mall and it's like all the make up ladies had their antennae up and knew that a new mom and her little baby had entered. One put her hands on my infant’s feet and said it's too cold for her to be without socks, you better put some on her now. And another tried to take off her headband and made some comment about it being too tight.


So yes it may seem weird that I have included an entire page dedicated to Mom tips but that brings me to my first one. 

This piece of advice was given to me and my entire birthing class by my amazing mother-in-law. The last birthing class I had, Assaf wasn't able to make, so my MIL stepped in.


You do you mama!

What works for one mom

may not work for the next. 

In fact, it most likely won't.

Here's my tip:

Listen to advice-

but take just what resonates

with you.