Toddler Mayhem

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

"May your coffee be stronger than your toddler"

"May your house be fully stocked with wine"

Toddlers man, Am I right? They're like these loud little monsters who will kick you when you're down but then turn around and melt your heart.

So Emma just turned three and she is doing anything and everything in her power to push our buttons. Everyone likes to say, 'It's a phase and this too shall pass.' But really? You just move into the next difficult phase. So how do we navigate through this? What's the secret? Well I don't have one. Sorry...

Lately I have really been struggling with finding patience. Mornings are rough. We're crunched on time and there's so much that needs to happen in the morning before we all leave (together) and little Miss Diva decides to have a melt down over everything. It's like she cries just to cry. No reason behind it. What is that? Why? Just eat your breakfast.

She picks out her clothes every night so that we don't have to deal with that in the morning. It used to take her so long to get dressed (let me remind you she just turned 3) It terrifies my husband that at such a young age she's capable of having clothing melt downs lol- Girls right!

I find that I know what would be the way to react when she's acting out but she has this way of pulling out the worst in me. I scare myself sometimes when I see how a 3 year old is capable of making me so angry. So what do we do? How do we handle this without loosing our shit? We drink!!!! Just kidding. No I'm not.

We Breathe! That's right. Think of it as a form of meditation. I find that even taking a few deep breaths gives me a little bit more strength.

But yes of course the strength runs out real fast and than what? There are days that I just want to give up, throw in the towel, lock myself in my room and just ignore all responsibilities. Truth is I've attempted to do just that but of course a few seconds later there were little hands pounding on my door, crying and screaming...

The biggest struggle I have is reminding myself that she's only 3. See the problem is that they understand so much and have these big personalities and can communicate and give opinions but that doesn't mean they fully understand everything the way you imagine that they do.

I can get so frustrated with Emma that I need to repeat myself over and over again. Or when she asks what happened when it's incredibly clear what happened.

Bella knocks over a glass and now there's shattered glass all over the floor.

I mean hello it's right there- is what I want to say and get so close to yelling out but catch myself at the very last second.

Here's a good one. The other day Emma was getting ready for bed (this was a skip bath type of day) and after she took off her dirty clothes to put on her pajamas I asked her to please pick up her clothes and put them in the laundry basket. She gave me this look like I asked her the most outrageous thing in the world. So I asked her again (still remaining calm) and she responded with "I can't mom, my hands don't work".

#breatheMama #rememberyouloveher

Who's teaching these kids to say shit like that..

Oh man, I am so scared of my girls on their period eeeekkk. If they're anything like their Mama I'll be needing some serious help.

Or Maybe......

The truth is this phase seems like it will last the rest of your life but they will grow out of it.

What are some funny or aggravating toddler moments you've had? How did you navigate through it?

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