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The COVID_19 Trilogy- Part 1 -This is real life!

China has an outbreak of an infection that has never been seen or heard of before. Literally people were dropping in the streets and at work. Really scary!!

So of course everyone (meaning the world) started to freak out that this disease will make it's way to them... Well, it did. We're talking WORLDWIDE

#worldpandemic #coronapocolypse #covid_19

Three months prior I had started a new job. All of a sudden I found myself watching the news every night (which I never did before) because there's all sorts of talk about the virus landing in Israel. Mass texts were sent out about people who were infected and all the different places/buses/areas they were in. Everyone was trying to remember where they were at every moment of the day as to make sure they weren't in any of the reported places.

Then one night the Prime Minister, along with the Ministry of Health, declared that all schools will be closed which of course meant that parents could no longer go to work. From there it just kept getting worse. Social distancing was a must. You were only allowed to leave your house to get necessities i.e: groceries, pharmacy etc. Certain work places remained open but you needed a specific approval stating that you are allowed to continue going to work. There was no public transportation and basically we were living in a ghost town.

When we first received the news that schools will be closed, to prevent myself from completely freaking out I went to the lists. I find that writing lists keeps me from stressing out about what needs to be done. It's funny because I don't necessarily use the list I just write the stuff down and then the list gets lost or totally ignored. I did however make a schedule. We used it for about 3 days. There's something about being home all the time that makes it really difficult to follow through with a schedule. Maybe that's just for me. I get so distracted when I'm home by all the things just staring at me.

You know.... Dishes, laundry, cooking, my TV.....

The first week home with the girls I was working- well attempting to work. I would lock myself in my bedroom and sit on my bed with my computer and do what I could which was not much. I was working as an administrative assistant for a museum that isn't open yet. So after about a week I was fired.

Luckily Assaf was still going to work. Assaf works at a hotel in Jerusalem as the Food & Beverage Manager. Of course the hotel was forced to close down but they still had a security team there at all times. Some of the high up managers were offered to take shifts and Assaf took them up on their offer. He started working in shifts and had set times which worked out well for us. We're not used to him being home all the time and it sounds silly but it worried me that we (Assaf and I) might not handle it well.

So he either worked from 7am-3pm or 3pm-11pm- Pretty good.

The girls were ecstatic that he was around more. I'm not going to lie; it was a little weird for me. I did love it but you get used to your routine and your way of doing things and all a sudden there's another person around messing up your way and it gets confusing.

We would wake up everyday feeling unmotivated and frustrated.

The hardest part was not knowing when this all would end. I knew that I needed to keep myself sane for myself and Assaf but more importantly for our kids.

My brother had flown to Bulgaria with a few of his friends right as this whole pandemic was starting (smart I know. I was against it but no one asked me). He knew when he flew that he might need to isolate himself for 2 weeks when he came back. Lo and behold he did have to. The numbers were rising and everything at that point was starting to close down. We were happy that at least he was able to return.

He had two choices: Either go to one of my parents houses (divorced) or go hang out at his friends parents’ beach apartment with the rest of the guys he went on the ski trip with. Can you guess which option he chose?

That's right, Option 2. So they went straight from the airport to this apartment and the parents took turns bringing them groceries and stuff.

After about a week in quarantine, one of his friends got a fever. They called the paramedics and they came in, in full suits looking like they just got back from the moon. His friend tested positive for Corona and was taken to the hospital. My brother and the rest of his friends (they were 6) remained in the house and continued their quarantine. The paramedics told them they would come back in a few days to check them. Guess what? My brother tested positive. Thankfully he was ok. Israel had opened a few hotels for corona patients who didn't really have bad symptoms. My brother moved into a hotel with his friends and basically chilled there for a week until finally he had a couple negative tests and was discharged just in time for Passover.

Speaking of Passover....

The country released a new rule stating that no one is allowed to have the Passover meal with anyone aside those living in their house. For the first time ever I made my very own Passover Seder. For those of you who don't know, Passover is a Jewish holiday where we celebrate the exodus of the Jewish people from the Egyptian slavery. Holidays are so hard to spend away from family.

After Passover there's a wave of holidays in Israel. Memorial Day followed by Israel Independence day, and Jerusalem Day. Still keeping a distance, we did what we could to make memories and put on a good face for our kids. How do you explain to a 3 year old that she can't go to school and see her friends, that we can't go to the playground and worst of all we can't see our family... How?

I really started to struggle as I'm sure many of you have.

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