Meet Lexi

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Hey All and Welcome,

My name is Lexi, and I’m a Mom!

I live in Jerusalem with my husband Assaf and our two incredible daughters, Emma & Bella.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always taken on the Mommy role. It was something that just came naturally to me. 

I decided to start this blog to share it all. The good, the bad and the in between. Being a mom is the hardest job out there, however it is also the most fulfilling.

 I’m deep in the Mommy/Wife life and just trying to figure it all out.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to start Whining with Mama-

Motherhood: The Good, The Bad and the In between.

To see what I’ve been up to, browse my site, learn about my passions, and hopefully you'll learn what excites and interests you as well.